300Brains started
from 4 brains.

The 300Brains company was founded in February 2019 by 4 experts related to sectors like banking, asset management and insurance.
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A typical job profile of top managers
at the time of joining 300 Brains:

  • C-level manager in banking, asset management or insurance sectors
  • CTO in leading banking & fintech companies
  • 15-30+ years of professional experience
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300Brains today

During 4 years of dynamic development, 300Brains has completed dozens of projects for market leaders in such areas as:
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Mobile banking
Sales finance platforms
Private banking
Asset management
Financial Advisory
The company is on the way to matching the size of the team to its name. Currently, we employ 80 IT specialists from 6 countries, which are coordinated by managers in 5 countries.

300 is a symbolic number going all the way back to ancient Sparta.

But the number 300 is not the only thing connecting us with the mythical heroes
of Sparta.

Our success, as in their
case, is based on:
Perfect organization:
everyone knows their place and what
they are responsible for
Strong individual competencies
of all the team members
built on competencies, experience
and respect for colleagues
Team support
you can always count on others to help
you overcome difficulties
High motivation,
consistency and goal orientation
Courage to take
on difficult challenges

Join us, as we are the world's best army of Brains!

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Przemysław Guberow
Head of Global Business Development, President of the Management Board
Responsible for Clients & Partners
relationships, sales and marketing.
A business development manager with 15 years of experience in financial institutions on MD, MB and SB levels, and CEO of the WSE-listed company; cofounder of the insurance start-up with 40M+ EUR exit; creative, passionate, promoting close relations with clients. In 300Brains Przemyslaw is responsible for global business development.
Andrzej Osial
Member of the Board
Responsible for the strategy
and its implementation and finances.
An experienced CEO, Andrzej’s strengths lie in business development and planning; well-qualified in sales and operations management, marketing, e-commerce and project management, Andrzej is also a private investor in the IT, automotive, renewable energy and gaming sectors. Andrzej is the CEO of 300Brains operations.
Alex Zarganis
CEO of 300Brains US
Business Development in USA
After spending 13 years in Poland, Alex moved back across the Atlantic to set up 300Brains operations in the United States; holding a dual-degree Master of Education / MBA from Columbia University, he played a key role in the successful launch of a new independent high school in Warsaw before returning home. Alex works at the 300Brains office in San Francisco.
Vilhjalmur Gunnarsson
CEO of 300Brains Iceland
Business Development in Iceland and nordic countries
Villi has multinational business experience spanning Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia and the spectrum from startups to developed enterprises. Recently, he worked for one of the largest IT companies in Iceland as an IT consultant for small to large companies and government agencies while simultaneously managing a fast-growing startup. Villi works at the 300Brains office in Reykjavik.
James Hodgson
CEO of 300Brains UK
Business Development in UK
James leads the London office, serving startups and corporate clients across the UK & Ireland. He acquired extensive experience operating with founders, investors and senior managers in a variety of sectors; most recently he was focused on supporting fintech, legal, medtech and financial services companies.

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