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Current offers
Familiar with technologies
Most of our current projects require knowledge of .Net, Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, React, Angular, C++, C#, Unity, Visual Basic or Kotlin. However, we also provide outsourcing of legacy apps that require knowledge of less frequently used technologies, such as Cobol. We also have a lot of work for Quality Assurance (QA) specialists.
Languages skills
We only require English. You need to be on a level that allows you to communicate freely in an international environment with colleagues and clients. Basic knowledge of German or French would be an advantage.
Teamwork ability
Team cooperation is a crucial part of our operating philosophy. Our work culture also includes team learning, so you can count on the full support of colleagues in solving problems and professional development.
We believe that cooperation and defining a common goal are the keys
to success.
Communication skills
We focus on efficient information exchange and friendly contact with customers: this is one of our competitive advantages in the market.

Your benefits

Work in an international environment
on ambitious projects, continue your
development and increase your value
on the labor market
IT projects implemented in different countries for leaders in their fields of expertise
Individual training and conference budget
Agile training completed with 300Brains Certificate
Using the knowledge gathered in our organization
We make every effort to ensure that all members of our team continuously develop their skills and make the most of their potential. Even if someday you decide to pursue a different career path, you will likely remember our collaboration as a time of learning, intense development,
and gaining new experiences.
You can work according
to your own rhythm
You decide when and where you work because what’s important to us is the result of the team's work. You can schedule the details of your activity with the project manager.
remote work
individual and flexible work rhythm
work-life balance
professional and personal development
job satisfaction
maximum efficiency in  less time
„Man does not live by coding alone”
therefore, we also offer you
non-work benefits
An individual budget for your hobby-related expenses.
You have a good chance for a trip to sunny California,
Reykjavík, Switzerland or Israel to work with our Client.
Medical and sports benefits package.
Team-building meetings with members of the crew.
Special occasion gifts and awards.
You can work according
to your own rhythm
Our recruitment is sprint and agile. We focus on getting to know each other as much as possible, presenting mutual expectations and quickly finding a place for you in our team according to your competence.
  • HR Conversation
    Let’s talk about our mutual expectations
  • Technical Verification
    Interviewing and checking your technical
    and professional skills
  • Welcome on board!
    Increase your value and potential and develop your brain with the company of 300 Brains

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